Guides - Want to Know How to Create a Blog Post?

This video tutorial shows you how to create your blog posts.

Use blog posts to add exciting things for your Travelers to do and see while they visit your area with you as their Personal Guide. Include a photo and make separate blogs for different areas and tour possibilities.

Suggest a possible itinerary for a two or three day excursion.  Suggest possible options for Travelers to choose from. But keep some places your  secret - keep the Travelers curious - and then reveal your secret to them once they sign up with you.

The more you blog, the more you show up on the front page of the site. You want to stay visible to the hundreds of visitors PTG will get every day.

Most Travelers like as much information as possible before they select a place to visit and experience. Provide that information, become a valuable source for your potential Travelers, become the expert Guide for your location and the Travelers will choose you as their Guide.

The more information you provide in the blog entries you create, the better the chances of a Traveler contracting with you as their Personal Travel Guide.

You can watch the video below in high definition and full screen by clicking the icons in the lower right corner of the video player once you start/play the video.


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